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Desc:Filmed prior to the murders.
Tags:Orenthal James Simpson, also hes a murderer though
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Comment count is 15
That workout would be murder on me!
So chopped up...you have no idea

infinite zest
I tried this workout and my sports memorabilia just disappeared!

Caminante Nocturno
This workout has left me feeling more liberated, but it's just killing my wife.

I stuck with this workout until my old gloves finally fit again!

After following his workout I feel like I could outrun a bronco!

Highly recommended. I totally got off on this workout.

It is 100% Kardashian approved. Well, defended. Maybe not approved.

infinite zest
When the glove don't fit you'll never quit!

infinite zest
Fun fact! Barry Sheck of Dream Team fame later went on to form the Innocence Project and managed to get this guy off the hook too


well for a couple years anyway. Hey just like OJ!

Seven Arts/H8 Red
OJ Simpson wants to be YOUR happy hero.
Caminante Nocturno
'Subpoenaed' is such a bulky, unwieldy word.
I prefer his second workout tape, which was filmed during the murders.
Ok, I don't really see what the big deal is, most of this seems pretty innocuou-HOLY SHIT
infinite zest
I'm just pissed that I'll think of OJ every time I see Mt. St. Helens from now on

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