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Desc:I mean, I HOPE it was a deer...
Category:Pets & Animals, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:explosion, deer, Air Travel
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Comment count is 14
Oh deer.
Robin Kestrel
Bit of raspberry jam back there.
Oh bambi
You came and you grazed on the runway
but you got in the way
oh bambi
il fiore bel
For you.


Five bloodied turboprop propellers for you.

as someone who regularly drives through rural new jersey and PA, this is very cathartic.
amen, I know three different people injured by DEERS in NJ

Is the music added in post-production? Surely it's way too loud inside the aircraft for fucking lounge music?
Having flown in SE Asia before I can tell you that they did occaisionally play music through the cabin speakers on landing approach.

It sounds like the music they play on Downtown Gaki no Tsukai before one of them gets hit in the balls with a catapult.

Shitty country planes I've been on, you nearly have to yell to be heard, but playing that weird arse music would make me fear for my fucking life.

It was ok, though, right?
With some ketchup, yeah.

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