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Desc:You can't make shit like this up.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:donald trump, batshit crazy, Michael the Black Man
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 18
Maggot Brain
John Holmes Motherfucker
So, at several events, you've got the same guy showing up again and again behind Trump, the only black face in a sea of white faces over and over, holding up a sign that says "BLACKS FOR TRUMP", and wearing a t-shirt that says "TRUMP AND THE GOP AREN'T RACIST". All by itself, that is high comedy at its most sublime. Anything else is just gravy.

Oh, but what savory, rich, delicious gravy it is!
infinite zest
Fargo music! Can't.. let self.... associate!
The "Blacks for Trump" people turn out to be insane racists... so they're just like Trump's white supporters.
Space Odin

He can't be racist! He's black! #NotYourShield

Fascinating. So, because I'm pale as a cavefish and you can see my (blue) veins through my skin in places, I'm a cainanite, and an albino, and a cavedweller, and a philistine and part of the illuminati.

Man, I wish I'd known. All I knew before now was that there was some Jewish heritage on my paternal grandfather's side somewhere.

Knowing certainly would've made playing through Deus Ex a different experience, in hindsight.

Man, maybe I'm a Cherokee indian, too. I should look into that.

Also, apparently everyone whose name ends in a vowel is East Indian. Who are the only people to ever kill black people. Along with the Cherokee, I guess.

This video has really opened my eyes.
John Holmes Motherfucker
"Cherokee" ends in a vowel. Coincidence?

Clearly, Christopher Columbus let slip the grand conspiracy when he said he was looking for India(ns) on his way west from Europe.

Space Odin
We've all five-starred how many fucking videos about Yakub and yet we're suprised that somebody like this exists?
infinite zest
I'm not at all surprised he exists, I'm actually more shocked that whoever's job it was to find/strategically seat everybody never bothered to do a simple google search on the ONE GUY everyone would probably get home and do a google search for. Hell, I thought they just paid a homeless guy until I saw this and a few other articles. Probably would've been better off just paying a homeless guy, and quite a bit less evil.

Space Odin
Sebastian Gorka still collects a paycheck, if you really want to make a sweeping statement about the administration's standards. So, I don't know.

Space Odin
WELL SHIT I spoke too soon

Illegal drugs are sold in stores in America?
infinite zest
Yeah. They're usually past the dairy aisle before you get to "pet supplies" and the mops/brooms etc. Each supermarket's a little different but usually that's where I've found my illegal drugs.

Actually they're hidden under that assortment of Mexican bulk spices that white people completely ignore.

Someone should get him and Alex Jones together.
I'm always really impressed by people that can talk this much without saying a thing.
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