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Desc:In the 1930s, a family claimed their house was haunted by a talking, shapeshiting mongoose
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:mongoose, cryptids, blurry photos, demons from hell
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Comment count is 6
Rangoon - 2017-10-13
"In the 1930s, a family claimed their house was haunted by a talking, shapeshiting mongoose"

I smell a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.
yogarfield - 2017-10-13
Worst narrator ever week?
Marlon Brawndo - 2017-10-14
He sounds like a long lost brother to the babysitter from The Incredibles.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-10-14
I love this story as much as I love the Hopkinsville Goblins and Indrid Cold. The weird, non-threatening cryptids are my favorite.
Bort - 2017-10-14
Pretty much the same appeal as the domestic cat. Cats would be a lot less interesting if they thought like we do.

Maggot Brain - 2017-10-14
The Furry Hauntings.
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