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Desc:A fun little distraction from the groaning/splintering of the pillars of America
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:mascot, parade, Dragon Ball, the beginning of the end, no lasers
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 12
Dragon Ball is BIG in Latin America, from what I've heard.
Fits in with lucha culture pretty squarely.

Maggot Brain
I watched the whole Cell sage on Telemundo some three years before it came on Cartoon Network.

I have not made a deliberate effort to know this stuff, but beyond a certain point, you find yourself embarrassed that you not only know who the characters are, but are asking questions about which series this parade considers canon.
Aren’t they all the same universe, thus all canon?

Sigh, damn you for making me do this.

Okay, the two guys with the red unbuttoned shirts ... ? Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan 4 form, which (AFAIK) they only did in Dragonball GT, which a lot of fans consider non-canon because the original creator wasn't part of the show (kind of like fourth season "Community"). Anubis there is ... I think his name is Beerus from Dragonball Super, which I don't know much about except I've bumped into clips, and I'm not sure whether it's considered canon. Everyone else seems to be from Dragonball Z.

Also, that's a really shitty attempt at the fusion dance at the end, no wonder it didn't work. (True to character, though, Vegeta is half-assing it.)

That guy
5 for hate, and for the groaning/splintering.
that Frieza is fucking disturbing
If Robert Z'dar wants to be in a parade, just let him.


Seven Arts/H8 Red
Also, it's nice Jay Leno decided to get out of his garage to cosplay Piccolo.

Poor Jay Leno, he thought he could outwit the monkey's paw by coming up with a wish so simple that it couldn't possibly be misinterpreted: "I want to play piccolo in a parade!"

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