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Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:time travel, 4chan, trump, Barron Trump
Submitted:Maggot Brain
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Oscar Wildcat - 2017-11-10
Amazing find, MB! OK, so I've seen the papers John Trump is talking about. Really. And I can confirm what he is saying at 1:50 and thereabouts.

The business about the time machine is idiotic of course. What John Trump is referring to is a vacuum tube that Tesla would mount at the business end of a big resonator. The design allowed a particle beam to escape the tube, and propagate through the air. There was some interest in this idea as the basis for a practical particle beam weapon, especially in the 80's during Reagans "Star Wars" push. I have no idea if it was workable.
jangbones - 2017-11-10
building this entire video on "a 4chan user made a claim" is perfect
cognitivedissonance - 2017-11-10
John Titor is so old, Black Eyed Children are the new hotness.
threerow - 2017-11-11
th i s ma k e s per fe ct sens e
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