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jrr - 2007-05-14


Rafiki - 2007-05-14

Shark Attack 3 needs to find its way into my movie collection.

mr666 - 2007-05-14

I think Shark Attack 3 just gave me my new pick-up line.

Merzbau - 2008-08-01

I thought so too at first, but the ladies never seem to be impressed by my ability to follow a jetski.

Caminante - 2007-05-14

It's like an awards ceremony PoETV would hold.

voodoo_pork - 2007-05-14

Someone should make a feature length movie made up of clips like this.

rastarat - 2007-05-14

We need more Enter the Ninja

timmylean - 2007-05-14

Okay, this works, but it drives me nuts that everyone loves making lists of things.

poopskin - 2007-05-14

yeah I think Shark Attack 3 is the new Ninja Terminator is the new Wicker Man is the new Garbage Day

ztc - 2007-05-14

Is that preload image a coincidence?

Solro - 2007-05-14

Other than shark attack, those are the -best- scenes ever!

Severian - 2007-05-14

awesome that a GARBAGE DAY frame was at 50%

Pandatronic - 2007-05-14

All my favorite PoeTV clips in one montage

xenocide - 2007-05-14

Not even jetskis can escape a SHARK ATTACK! Three!

Hooper_X - 2007-05-14

Pure distilled insanity. -1 for the lack of Ninja Terminator.

B_Ko - 2007-05-14

I must know what that Indian film is. I mean, come on, horse drifting.

Zombie Moseley - 2008-12-03

Google says it's Alluda Mazaaka...!.

Gurlugon - 2007-05-14

"A ninja death star?! Come on, gimme a break herrrrrghh..."

Vicious - 2007-08-11

"A ninja death star?!?! Well, that's just the way it goes sometimes."

RockBolt - 2008-04-08


merzbau - 2007-05-14

this is an invaluable public service

Hooker - 2007-05-14

That's not how you spell "Best."

mysterycar - 2007-05-14

i thought it was more like "ninja death star? what's the deal with thaurrrgh"

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-05-16

if by worst you mean I must watch them every night before bed, then...yes

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2007-05-16

title of video changed due to popular demand

Mayberry Pancakes - 2007-06-03

That's one hell of a horse.

gambol - 2007-07-03

Some of these compilations seem just too poetv specific. I wouldn't be surprised if it were somebody here that puts these things together.

NineEleven - 2007-07-23

Seeing Garbage Day in the middle of a montage gives me a good feeling

Alektorophobic - 2007-07-26

"I'm exhausted."
"Yeah, me too... but you know, I'm really wired. What do you say I take you home and eat your pussy?"

atheistgirl - 2008-11-24

Even funnier because John Barrowman is one of the gayest men on the planet.

Cameron - 2007-08-22

I like the first one, who falls down while dieing as if to say, "Woopsies, I'm dieing!"

Go ahead go watch again and see.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2007-10-20

It's the final shrug he does while falling that gets me. Like, "Aw hell, I dunno why a two inch puncture wound is so deadly, it just is!"

oogaBooga - 2008-06-02

You ALL need to get clips of Ninja 3: The Domination. Floating swords, arcades in your closet that shoot lasers at your face, demon ninja posession, spinning so fast you tunnel through solid rock like Taz, and BEST of all the opening scene - a little ditty I like to call GOLF NINJA!

SpookyElectric - 2008-07-07

this sounds like a bad trap

Shotgun Jackson - 2008-12-14

Does netflix have Shark Attack 3 yet?

zerobackup - 2009-04-11

Dude, someone spent 25 to 30 minutes hastily slapping together the effects for Shark Attack 3 before the home/business studio was raided by local sheriff's deputies under suspicion of being an elephant sperm harvesting cartel, so let's cut them a break ok?

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