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Desc:nostalgia attack
Category:Video Games
Tags:Nintendo, toys, Sega, 1989, Toys R Us
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Comment count is 4
Ugh - 2018-06-02
this hits me, 89 would have been around my peak era for toys r us hype

also the cameraman sounds like ulillillia that's pretty cool
dairyqueenlatifah - 2018-06-02
Yeah, same here. Going to Toys 'R' Us was the greatest thing in the world at that time, even though there was a 9/10 chance I would leave the store empty handed. It just seemed like such a magical place at that age.

I remember at our local Toys 'R' Us in Torrance, CA there was a manager there for quite a few years who loved to build giant things out of legos and leave them up as store decor. I was always excited to see if he had built anything new when we got to go.

Ugh - 2018-06-03
for our family toys r us was a special birthday trip kind of deal (not that far away but mem and pep aint got the cash to burn gas like that), otherwise it was browsing the woolworths at the local mall

i think the best part was seeing all the insane stuff i'd memorized from the sears catalogues in person

those days i became the red and yellow m&ms stumbling upon santa claus

Gmork - 2018-06-03
That pig is amazing.
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