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Desc:Does Colt 45 get your girl in the mood quicker AND get your jimmy thicker? I didn't think so.
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:hip hop, malt liquor, ice cube, St. Ides, Bumwine Week?
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Comment count is 10
Wow America... just... just... WOW!
I got two of these for my birthday. My girl was in some sort of mood i guess.
For some reason I thought this ad was going to be for St. Ives shampoo.
"The wrong nigga to fuck with drinks St. Ides, the right liquor for satisfying any thirst!"
Well, I'M convinced!
I really hope nowadays Cube feels a little shame about this shit. Because he really should.
The star of "Are We Done Yet?" has the capacity for shame?
Before I saw this on late-night TV, I read about it in (I think) MOTHER JONES, with the article's author talking about how completely wretched a piece of marketing this was.

My thought was more along the lines of "\m/ (~ ~) \m/"
I could never understand what's supposed to be good about Ice Cube.
He recorded two great solo albums after being on one of the all-time most important (in terms of influence) hip hop albums.

Then he made FRIDAY. And it's been steadily downhill from there.

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