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Desc:Kimmel walks the kid through his autistic paces.
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Jimmy Kimmel, spelling bee, evan odorney
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Comment count is 9
I love how he came to life when he started talking about graphs in the table.
Sean Robinson
I'm going to use this space to discuss Paris Hilton, to wit: I think that this kid and Hilton have related conditions, medically and philosophically speaking. Both have had isolated lives and have suffered through the AMA'$ @sbestos-poisoned vaccine$, and both seem to have developed disassociated states of behaviour in response.

Also, I think that it would be pretty insanely big news if either of them were to kill themselves in the next month.
You heard it here first, POE TV has cracked the thimerosal conspiracy.

Honest Abe
well, at least he understands the social norm of shaking hands when you meet someone.
Kimmel knows how to engage autistic kids in conversation. I knew he had to have SOME talent.
Oh, shit, he's got one of those savant superpowers. The ones you have to sacrifice any sort of normal mental patterns or basic social skills to get.

I demand this child produce a mathematical formula for ending disease by his 21st birthday. He will be placed in a room, provided with graph paper, pictures of germs, and a box lunch. It's time we put these freaky kids to work instead of just having them on talk shows, dammit.
Albuquerque Halsey
This is what happens when you min/max your gurps character.
I kinda want to hire three or four pornstars to take his virginity but I'm afraid the shock would kill him. Then again...
Autism, sure. But this kid is such a goddamn prick.
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