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Desc:Six year old sings "Over the Rainbow", makes a judge cry.
Category:Arts, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Simon Cowell, over the rainbow, 6 years old, talent
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Comment count is 19
A Jumping Spider! - 2007-06-13
Good lord. It don't get much sweeter than that.
jihadbaby - 2007-06-13
That was like, the most delightful little girl ever.
baleen - 2007-06-13

god who cares about this shit.
mysterycar - 2007-06-14

manfred - 2007-06-14
True. Still, she sang pretty good so three stars it is.

Enjoy - 2007-06-14
a full two stars

Hailey2006 - 2007-06-14
You have no heart!

Frank Rizzo - 2007-06-14
fake crying.

Was this judge lady on american inventor? That lady judge cried all the time.

"You are what this show is all about!" *sobs*
"I can see how much you put into this!" *sobs*
"You put your heart and soul into this and I have a vagina" *sobs*
TypicalEllisProtagonist - 2007-06-14
Oh, God, when they're all British, I don't know which one's supposed to be the heel judge.
EvilHomer - 2007-06-14
You can tell she's British 'cuz of her teeth. And yeah, I know she's six and all, but what the fuck, people? She wasn't THAT good. Simon had a perfect chance to ruin her dreams, and he dropped the ball. For shame!

Still, three stars or the teeth, and for the sheer awesome of a potential showdown betwen a fat, ugly opera singer and an adorable, slightly offkey little girl.
Smellvin - 2007-06-14
Don't worry, they'll let her get her hopes up and THEN crush her later on.

chalk - 2007-06-14
I envision the next time she's on and performs again. Same song, same audience reaction, same reaction from the two nameless judges, then Simon pipes up with "So... is this it, then?"

Hooper_X - 2007-06-14
I smell the taint of stage mother all over this one. Kid is cute, but winning shit like this will fuck her up for life.
Dan Druff - 2007-06-14
Good. But it's no opera-singing cell phone salesman.
chalk - 2007-06-14
Oh, I agree. I'd be cheering for the opera guy all the way, namely because I agree with Hooper in that this really is pretty much exploiting her before she's ready for it, and also because until proven wrong, I'm going to suspect this is the only song she can do. But still - awwww cute!

yoyo1 - 2007-06-14
Minus 4 stars because she doesn't have an incurable cancer or something.
Cube - 2007-06-14
Kinda spooky how a kid, who can't even articulate herself properly yet, can sing in perfect pitch and pronounce all the lyrics flawlessly.
Kingofthehobos - 2007-06-27
Good job Connie, it looks like mommy doesn't have to kill mr.mittens your kitty today!
gambol - 2007-07-09
She about as good as she can be without any training.

Simon was gonna break her, thought better of it, got a kiss, ran with it.
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