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Desc:Something tells me Tom Dickson has a mean streak.
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:blender, will it blend, dont breathe this, tom dickson, princess smoke
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Comment count is 22
Is there a way I can donate my body to this after death?

I'm serious. Blend me, Tom.
"I wondered how they'd perform at 330 miles an hour."
Every inanimate object and living thing in Tom's house lives in fearof ending up in that blender...
Rodents of Unusual Size
Once they lived a life of luxury, now they are mere rubble. The lesson here is that life is cruel.
Goofy Gorilla
Best advertising campaign I can think of. Informative, entertaining, cheap to shoot, and it even makes me want to buy the product.
...longish shot of their empty dancing podiums as they are ground to bits...
doc duodenum
This joke's been done too many times
Princess smoke! Don't breathe this!

obviously doc has his cranky pants on today. and it's not a joke. it's an entertaining thing, blending the insides out of everything because you've invented the most awesome blender ever.

Aubrey McFate
A bit creeped-out over here.
His are the eyes of a madman, but his is also the voice of a cheerful grandfather. When will it end? Will he try to blend God? Will God blend?
It will end with Tom Dickson seeing if he will blend, of course.

I could totally picture Tom standing there with his hand in the blender, with that same creepy smile staring into the camera.

Could God make a rock so heavy that even He Himself could not blend it?

Why all the hatred for kittens and blending lately?

My favorite part is after the bodies disintegrate but while the hair is still undamaged. Fantastic.
Caminante Nocturno
The way he was standing there as the princesses blended made it look like he was imagining their screams.
Jimmy Labatt
I fucking love these
He's got a button for everything in that thing! I wish I had my own TV channel just so I could show Will it blend episodes on in.
Will It Blend - A Baby
Somewhat disappointed to find that they are merely TOY princesses
Pie Boy
This is maybe the most gratifying thing I've ever seen in my life. Tom Dickson is the new Chuck Norris.
Calamity Jon
Dammit Tom Dickson, I will breathe the Princess smoke if I want to.
He has 25 grandchildren? I bet they get blenders for Christmas when the are of age.
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