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Desc:Television reached the height of its perfection with this show.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:pete, adventures, frivolity
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Resubmit:j lzrd / swift idiot

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Caminante Nocturno
What pisses me off is that I remember this show was awesome, but I don't remember anything about it. Except for Mom's plate picking up signals on the police band and turning her into a vigilante.

Actually, I'm starting to remember some stuff about it, now. Yeah, this show was awesome.
First off, HELL YES!

and to monsieur Caminante, Endless Mike, Papercut, Station Wagon Stack competitions w/ a love interest, flash light tag w/ attempts at staying up all night, Ginger Pete's darling arm tattoo(that dances).. and that freakin' excited guy who looked like he was in Devo.. who may or may not of played trombone...

Great, now I'm in the same shoes as you.
Greatness just beyond my initial recollections.
To the VHS stack!

They got their station wagon by finding it buried at the beach with a metal detector.

onemorepanic, are you talking about Artie: The Strongest Man In the World?

Yeah that's him. How the hell could I forget that?

Don't forget about the space alien kid whose cowlick always pointed to magnetic north.

I snuck this nervously to the counter when it came out on DVD, with that shifty, queasy look of a boy purchasing his first porno with a fake id in hand...

It was worth the discomfort.
That was the darkest and therefore best show ever made for children. Even the theme song is about the Kent State massacre.
Crazy. I never realized.


Good Stuff
Aubrey McFate
I still have the Polaris promo single that was available as a cereal UPC mail-in. It had Hey Sandy and a b-side that I have forgotten. (Should listen to that again.)

That tape reminds me of when young Pete rigged up a pirate radio station for the sole purpose of pissing off request callers. After doing this for a while, he hears a Polaris song (Hey Sandy, maybe?) and it instantly becomes his favorite song. Problem is, he doesn't know the name or the band. So, he tries to use his radio station to find out, but everyone who calls in doesn't want to help him, seeing as he was a jerk to them.

I forget how that episode ended.

Rodents of Unusual Size
He remembers the song.

He forms a band with, like, his math teacher and other assorted townspeople and they dick around until he remembers how "Summerbaby" goes. I think. I know it was that song, though.

Aubrey McFate
Right, Summerbaby! The whole point of that episode was that the song was his summer song, so that makes sense.

The other two songs were "She is Staggering" and "Coronado II". I too mailed for that tape, which incidentally, was the first thing I played when I got my first car. Then the tape deck ate it half the way through. Hindenberg can suck it, that was real tragedy.

Anyone who gives this less than five stars is clearly a soulless husk.

wasn't hoffa buried in their town?
Anyone who doesn't like this show is a blowhole.
Oh fuck, yes. They've got this show on DVD now? I usually don't like revisting long-lost childhood loves, but Pete & Pete is too good to pass up.
A of P&P helped make childhood bearable. It was back in the renegade days of Nickelodeon, when they snuck things like P&P, Ren & Stimpy, Rocco's Modern Life (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui of "Reno 911!" fame), and You Can't Do That On Television.

*SNIFF* A single tear...
Rodents of Unusual Size
There aren't any full episodes online right now:( I am just going to buy this fucking series. It just makes my heart feel warm and squishy.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Also episode favorites include the first episode where they all rode in their car naked to beat some random other car to the state park, the magic bowling ball that created a brotherly feud and Artie moving houses. Why the hell can't they make shit like this anymore?

There sure as hell are. www.videostored.com, www.tv-links.co.uk

They rode naked so they could stack their clothes on the roof and have a taller luggage rack than the rival family.


Yeah it was a cool, but a girl I knew in high school was dating the older Pete while the show was still being produced and he was a dick to everyone he met. My one encounter with him has left me with mixed, bitter feelings about the whole show.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I heard he turned into some Ayn Rand fanatic, so that might explain it.

The one where they all tried to stop sleeping and lost their minds was brilliant. Hell, they were all brilliant.
They need to release Season 3 on dvd already.
I used to have such a crush on Ellen.
You had a crush on Ellen? Who the fuck didn't?

j lzrd / swift idiot
I really should find the DVDs for this old series, seeing as how it was unequivocably FREAKIN' AWESOME.
A great show, this is why kids today are idiots, they don't have stuff like this.
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