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Desc:Silvio DiSalvatore is going to cougarize America.
Category:Humor, Fashion
Tags:american inventor, black cougar, Silvio DiSalvatore
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Resubmit:Torture the Artist

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Comment count is 37
"Hey, mikey, uh, black cougar." "Did you like the spinning?" The judges' facial expressions. Dear god the whole thing.

Mikey giving the old Italian F-You gesture to the Philadelphia 76'ers was my favorite part.
well, he gets my vote for greatest living human
Sean Robinson
I mean, he actually has really well-maintained hair. It is clean and lustrous.
So is the invention a mass-market S&M kid-saving fursuit? or uh

I'm just not sure what the hell this invention is. Or how this is an invention, anyway.
This man is a walking case study individuals not being able to let go of their childhood. His accent only makes him more pathetic. 5 stars.
Spastic Avenger
I think is how I'll look when I'm forty.
Chaining children up in your basement is not the same as protecting them.
You mock, but that guy saved these kids from A KIDNAPPING RINK. Jerks.
yeah...and guess who kidnapped them stoopid!

Fuck his invention, but he could be an actor, or the lead singer for some awesome arena rock band, or a mega pimp, or an astronaut. Man, that man could be anything he wants.
Badass motherfucker right there.
I would totally be the Black Cougar's wise-cracking sidekick. We could use our dolls to beat up the bad guys and save the kids from the dungeons.
Frank Rizzo
this weirdo needs to get together with that crazy eccentric panther guy from american idol and for a posse of failure.

Frank Rizzo
after watching this whole thing to the end, Ive learned that this guy is awesome.

george, george, george, george, george, george, george...
Fuckin' A, man. If this guy doesn't at least land a deal with Marvel Comics after this pitch gets out, I'm starting a riot. BLACK COUGAR ROCKS!!!!!!!
Wow, talk about Lost in Yonkers.

Fuck you, you wish you could bulb that.
This guy needs his own show! I think John Cooper, II of "M*A*S*H" fan-fiction is probably like this guy!
If I was a judge I'd say "I'll give you a YES, but only if you give me a copy of your movie to keep."
Rodents of Unusual Size
The female judge had the best reaction. A mixture of fear and confusion.
Lust. You can tell she dugg the black latex.

Yeah I need the fuck out of this movie for Evil Video 5.

DvD= .99

I think the woman voted yes out of terror. I think George just liked the spin. What the hell. I guess there are worse reasons. I mean, the guy is the first superhero dedicated to protecting children. Man, Superman, Captain America, get off your asses and start saving children already, you selfish, gerio-centric assholes.
Mayberry Pancakes
I couldn't actually watch this. I had to scroll down and listen to the audio because I was cringing so hard. This is unreal.
Billy Buttsex
The ending totally killed me
Aww man it's dead


It's alive again (for now).

Fucking youtube. Are the others resubmitted yet? I caught this one the other day on youtube by searching but couldn't find the other clips.
Holy shit. This is pretty much the greatest thing ever. All the awfulness of "Ravedactyl" and "Civilian Justice" but with a creepy pedo subtext and SILVIO DISALVATORE.

I wish I had a billion jillion stars.
Corman's Inferno
Steve Ditko and Stan Lee didn't walk around Manhattan in Spider-Man costumes. But maybe they SHOULD'VE.
So you invented Darth Vader with no cape on.

Also: I'm not sure how the judges would react if they'd been pitched Spider-Man, but I'm pretty sure attempts to pitch Black Cougar to Marvel would result in them pointing to a picture of Black Panther, their incredibly similar character who's been around since the 60's, and then pointing to the door.
Caminante Nocturno
I'm pretty sure that if you looked, you'd find that there's already a hero whose sole purpose is to defend kids. Not that he still shouldn't use that line.
bang to buck ratio
At any given moment there is enough cocaine in that man's body to kill a water buffalo.
Black Cougar looks like an Xbox.
William Batty
I don't think Silvio knows that the same movies are in theaters in every city.
this man is crazy and has apparently been so for 25 years
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