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Category:Sports, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:javelin, sdiri, pitkamaki, kidney pie, that will leave a mark
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Comment count is 6
zatojones - 2007-07-17
"my bad"
johnnyhamhock - 2007-07-17
Sorry, but this video is terrible. We see a javelin enter frame right near the beginning of the slo mo, then exit in the upper right. The following 'back and to the left' pan back and forth is pixellated and gives us nothing but some jock in trashy eurosportswear writhing about looking not very displeased. Then head in hands and amblulance. Can someone tell me what the hell I'm missing here? I mean, if you're going to say you have video of the incident, dont crap out with a 2-seconds-too-late pan.
johnnyhamhock - 2007-07-17
Oh wait, 2 seconds of slo-mo pole at -0:13, plus pixellated and blurry long shot of first impact. This bumps my rating to 2 stars.

manfred - 2007-07-17
*insert Sparta joke here*
Aernaroth2 - 2007-07-17
The thrower looks really sad. Because he probably doesn't get extra points for spearing someone.
Ersatz - 2007-07-17
He should be sad. He had room for an extra step in his approach, and his throw landed outside the zone, so it doesn't count. You only get three throws, and he wasted one spearing some guy in the back. That's not a world-class competitor.

If he was set on impaling someone, he should have stretched his run up so it was close to being a foul, so he could at least get a sense of how his steps were working that day. That's how an Olympian would do it.

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