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Desc:She is not in good shape. No, seriously, this is really disturbing.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:cancer, Larry King, tammy faye messner, bakker, crypt keeper
Submitted:Herr Matthias
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Comment count is 22
Bebido - 2007-07-20
That sucks hard for her. I feel bad for her.
GoodAaron - 2007-07-20
That sucks hard for her. I feel bad for her. 5 stars!
Bebido - 2007-07-20
yea, well.

Cap'n Profan!ty - 2007-07-20
While it sucks for her, and she looks absolutely terrible (that makeup never, ever was any good, was it?), I can only think back to all the people who wished cancer on her and her ilk. Was God listening?
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-07-20
I like to close my eyes and picture this as someone that deserves it more. Like Fred Phelps wife. :D
Hooper_X - 2007-07-20
Jeeze. I can't even watch that. It's like watching someone decay right in front of you.

(as the fundie crowd goes, Tammy Faye always seemed like a nice enough sort - a fairly sweet lady who happened to be in the same boat as a load of fucking assholes.)
kingarthur - 2007-07-20
This should have happened to someone who deserved it.
kingarthur - 2007-07-20
Also, that eyeliner is apparently a permanent tattoo. That's hardcore.
x - 2007-07-20
At best she was a cheerleader for a crime syndicate; at worst she was a willing accomplice in it. She's always been a sick woman.
Enjoy - 2007-07-20
Make sure you spit in her gave, dear.

x - 2007-07-20
Her "gave"? You see, just like Tammy Faye your heart may be in the right place, but your head is up your....

MasturbationDestination - 2007-07-20
Sean Robinson - 2007-07-20
If you were a billionaire, you could pay poor people to masturbate to this.
MK_Ultra - 2007-07-20

Why does Larry King make so much money?
StanleyPain - 2007-07-20
Further proof there is no God, because if their was, she would be in the back of a long, long line of people from the 700 Club far more deserving of this than she is.
Xiphias - 2007-07-21
She's not a hero, people.
Frank Rizzo - 2007-07-21
Rafiki - 2007-07-22
'Cause this is thriller. thriller night!
Herr Matthias - 2007-07-22
...and, she's now dead, like a week later.
KozmicBlue - 2007-07-22
like a day later

Lothar - 2007-07-23
Very disturbing. I threw up in my mouth a little watching this.

I remember running home from grade school every day to watch "Tammy's House Party" on the PTL network. I wanted to be one of the "PTL Singers" .
nubilus - 2007-08-14
obscene i tells you! parental advisory - think of the children!
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