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Desc:Never again will the world be graced with such a leader
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:russia, Boris Yeltsin, alcoholism
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Comment count is 16
this is awesome, but they should've added him slapping that woman on the butt
For anyone interested in what the first captioned scene says, the minister-guy is saying, "You gave this report to the ministry, but I haven't read it yet."
Yeltsin responds: "Then read it now."

The second one, Tyfus will have to do because I don't know what "optreden" means. :(
"Don't delay until the end of the year."

"But there's only three months left."

"Act forcefully, act forcefully, act forcefully."

Not all that funny, except for the drunken drawl.

I liked the secret service guy reacting in shock to the literal faux-pas at the ceremonial thing.

By the first one do you mean the one with Gorbachev?


Holy shit. "The minister-guy"?

Mayberry Pancakes
My ex-boyfriend talks about how everyone thought his resignation was a prank

lord. him and bill clinton. they were like the nice frat boys that got elected leaders.
I'd watch a show about the two of them taking a road trip.

Jimmy Labatt
Nice one.

Someone needs to translate the subtitles into English, although it's kinda fun imagining what they were saying. Boris: "Check out the rack on HER" Aide "Stop it you're being a drunken prick again"
Jimmy Labatt
Oh nevermind just saw Tyfus' post.

Cap'n Profan!ty
In the early one, he's talking about having received a report that he hasn't yet read, and Yeltsin tells him to read it now (while he's presiding).
Cap'n Profan!ty
holy shit, is he missing a finger and a thumb for real? what? Yeah, his left hand, it's gimped, wow! He's like the Kaiser, or Bob Dole.
Yeah, he lost the finger and thumb when he was a teenager- he and his buddies stole some Red Army grenades and tried to take them apart.
Also his frequent swaying and loss of balance were the result of a neurological disorder.

I wish it hadn't cut off before the limo ran into the corner of that building.
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