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Desc:You just got MATLOCK'D.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:Old People, grandpa simpson, Andy Griffith
Submitted:Mike Tyson?!
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Comment count is 16
Is this the new "Rickroll?"

I was hoping the next one would be the Mr Belvedere theme or ALF personally.
Ah, Matlock. He puts young people in prison--where they belong!
Daughters of Uzbek
It's Matlock.
Caminante Nocturno
Someday, we're all going to become horribly, terribly old. What will we watch then?
Episodes of 'Lost', 'Heroes' and 'Chuck' on "Pre-Apocalypse" Channel 144.

Sean Robinson
I alluded to this earlier, somewhere else, but one day I WILL become Matlock.com, the greatest Internet Lawyer there has ever been.
I love that music, it never gets old.
Mike Tyson?!
Since I submitted the video I have watched it, maybe, 6 times. I am sure I'll be doubling that tomorrow.

big pincers
it really IS the best TV show theme

System of a Clown
No "Andy Griffith" tag?
ME: Did you ever see that Matlock/Perry Mason crossover TV movie? It was off the hook.

COWORKER: No. I don't think that existed.

ME: It totally did.

COWORKER: No, it never happened, and this is like the Mr. T musical. You dreamt that.

ME: That was a great soundtrack.
I feel at least thirty years older just for having watched that.
Don't they play the last 5 notes of this every time they go to commercial? And I hum along with it? Or was it a dream?
Matlock gets three still shots while the other main characters only get one!
Quick question: Tyler Hudson or Conrad McMasters?
Tyler Hudson

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