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Desc:Oh here, let me help you... SYKE
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:dog, kick, Matt, Berry, Chivalry
Submitted:Billy Buttsex
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Comment count is 27
Billy Buttsex
I like how someone rated this less than five stars. What are you? SOME KIND OF HIPPIE??
That is immoral! How dare that man kick that dog! He needs to be shot in the face.
To be fair, I don't think the chivalry was faked just so he could kick the dog. Rather, the chivalry was faked so he could bone the chick, and the dog kicking was a reasonable and natural response to discovering she already had a boyfriend.

Also, "People Who Liked This Video Also Liked: Stanford Prison Experiment"
The fact that Billy Buttsex completely missed the joke makes the submission even funnier.

Billy Buttsex
No, all of you misunderstand. Clearly Matt Berry wanted to kick the dog, so he went through the brief rituals of courtship so he could kick the dog. DURR DURR DURR.

I know.

K Clobber
I love dogs. But given the circumstances and the small, yappy nature of the dog involved I say five stars.
The second dog had a funnier trajectory.
Caminante Nocturno
The first dog was a matter of obligation, but the second one was just for ki- I mean just for fun.

Old People
This is why I come to this site.

i lololed
Bitches need to learn not to be attached.
5 stars for spelling psych like you're referring to a lesbian from the southern states.
K Clobber
I didn't even notice the second dog.

Rodents of Unusual Size
There is an art to dog kicking clips and in this one there is much success.
magical man
His reaction time is nothing short of impeccable.
Would have been funnier if the punchline wasn't given away.
Pie Boy
I think it's the exaggerated BOOF sound effects that make it 5 stars.
Big Name Celebrity
+1 star for me laughing too hard to notice the second dog the first time through.
Dr. Julien Sanchez, no!
whacky tie.
Fuck yeah.
I'm laughing too much to come up with a proper comment.
j lzrd / swift idiot
This had me laughing until I felt lightheaded. INFINITELY replayable.
god damn it that was stupid and funny
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