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Desc:A trailer for the astounding Tom Hanks/Sally Field vehicle, 'Punchline.'
Category:Classic Movies, Trailers
Tags:tom hanks, , punchline, sally field
Submitted:Sean Robinson
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Sean Robinson - 2007-11-19
Fuck you guys, this movie is an all-time great bad movie - Tom Hanks as a brilliant but troubled and underachieving doctor/gritty underground comic taking the rebelling housewife Sally Fields under his wing and eventually falling in love with her, all presented as if it were a devastatingly real exposť of the burgeoning standup scene in the late 80s - even if this trailer doesn't give any hint of it.

The movie also features Taylor Negron as a scheming gay comedian, Damon Wayons being funny, a beat-down Catskills hacky comedian who just wants to tell funny jokes to the nice people and dies backstage and a hospital scene with Hanks that provided the world with the template for Patch Adams.
Hugo Gorilla - 2007-11-19
Sean, if you're going to rate your own clip, why only three stars? But I have to disagree about this being a "great bad movie." It's just dull.

Also, the only funny part of the movie is when Hanks has a break down on stage and starts crying.

Sean Robinson - 2007-11-19
I didn't give it a higher rating because it doesn't have my favourite line - Tom Hanks trying to nail Sally Field in a car: "I'll say anything to a woman and not mean it. I'll tell her I love her. I don't mess around with funny."

In the movie Funny is shown to be the substance of miracles: it cures disease, rescues a house-wife from domestic drudgeries and a stifling marriage while simultaneously teaching her husband to respect her in a whole new way and turning her into the object of attraction from a younger man, provides refuge for the torment of brilliance and creates meritocratic colonies of loveable goofballs. And this is all generated by the tame, shit comedy presented in the movie! Tom Hanks whining about how his unrelenting wackiness is disrupting his life, Sally Fields telling it straight to the girls - this is the generator of the metaphysical manna of Funny!

Can you imagine what actual good comedy could do, if this wan, lifeless shit can perform magic? Richard Pryor could make cocaine cure cancer and do your taxes. Bill Hicks could strike the concept of war from the human consciousness and replace it with a global appreciation for Stevie Ray Vaughan and the novels of Jorge Borges. Even Father Sarduci could make it so the stairwells in parking garages never smelt like piss ever again.

Dinky Patterson - 2007-11-19
You are passionate, Sean Robinson. But you do not persuade.

bang to buck ratio - 2007-11-19
I always confuse this movie with the one that has Julie Kavner as a stand-up comedian. They're both entertainingly hamfisted, and the stand-up routines in both are so terrible they actually come full circle and become oddly brilliant.
snothouse - 2007-11-19
John Goodman has it right.
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