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Desc:Hey, Chrono Cross, here's how to open a game.
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:suikoden 2, suikoden, villain laughing maniacally on a pile of corpses, Video Game Intro Week
Submitted:Spider Jerusalem
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Comment count is 24
Yes but Suikoden II is BALLIN so it doesn't count

If you really wanted to zing me you would have put up the intro to Suikoden III
nope still looks retarded

Can't they find a different artistic style? I have become seriously allergic to manga style.
As soon as the characters started appearing with their giant eyes and spiky hairs the score descended to 1 point. Can't japan put out new things?

Luca Blight makes most villains come across like ineffectual crybabies.
I liked this game but felt like it could have used a few more playable characters
had me up until the dog man in the cape. why must there always be an animal person?
Furries like games too!

Proud to be a video game luddite. I only ever really enjoyed GTA Vice City and Rampage, I must admit. I just like cheat codes and shooting or maiming passerby. That's all.
Thanks, we appreciate your life story.

Five Stars for kingarthur's life story.

A tragic tale of love and loss.

+1 for the music
You fuckers that gave this three stars or less really need to have your heads examined. Suikoden is the fucking bomb you faggots.

Most of it is pans and zooms of static character art.
Caminante Nocturno
That dog person really did come out of nowhere. I can't say that I appreciate that sort of thing.
How to get the most out of a bunch of still images.
Sudan no1
This game was pretty good, and I sold my used copy for a shitton of money to some ebay nerd. I win.
The intro isn't that great, but 5 stars for Luca Blight, the evillest shitbag in the history of video games.
that was stupid.

japan pretty much peaked with sushi.
Luca Blight may be the greatest villain ever. In any genre.

And I can't say enough how much Suikoden II influenced my writing. I will always, always, love this game.
"Suikoden 2 is considered an unusual entry in the JRPG genre due to its comprehensible plot and engaging characters."

It saddens me some that "villain laughing maniacally on a pile of corpses" is not yet tagged.
-1 for lens flare.

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