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Desc:Enough with the RPG intro already. THIS is how you open a game.
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:awesome, contra, black samurai, shrieking, neo contra
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Comment count is 21
They didn't kiss at the end.
a flaming monkey
yeah, it definitely needed more gayness and less matrix flips.

This is close:

Also, nothing in the opening movie *happens*. None of this occurs in the game.

You must've missed how they formed a gigantic dick together while holding that bazooka. Screw kissing.

does this game have the difficulity of the original?

I bet the have matching "Best Buds" tattoos

Actually, Neo Contra is pretty easy. Play Contra: Shattered Soldier for something matching the old-school difficulty.

Kinda subtle. I hate it when there's too much character development and not enough ACTION.
4 stars for both splitting a missile in two with a sword AND catching a ride on one, bonus star for "NEEEOOO CONTRAAAAAAAAA OHH YEAH OH YEAH"
That was a bit over the top at points, maybe.

And that's just fine with me.

This game is full of awesome stuff. There is a whole level which takes place as the characters are running on top of the blades of a helicopter.

Someone should post the ending.
Sudan no1
One of the bosses (ANIMAL CONTRA) is a little talking dog wearing a sword and a pointy German WWI helmet.

Zhou Fang
Ancient bazooka burial ground.
Yeah, I was really relieved they were at the Bazooka Desert when that giant, ambivilant robot inexplicably showed up.

So cool you don't find yourself wondering why someone would bring a sword to a gunfight.
-1 for fagging up Contra with samurai swords and anime cliches.

Fuck swords!
But swords will fucking cut alien invaders wide open!

Ow Switch
All that armor, yet they still die in one hit...
The special Contra handshake is to hold hands and stare at each other for an uncomfortably long time.
Minus 1 for the music
Caminante Nocturno
Those two guys know things about each other nobody else does.
Old People
Man, 0:51. Those guys aren't even shooting at him; they're just kind of shooting up in the air and stuff. But he kills them anyway.
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