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Desc:I will simply quote this revolutionary's motto: 'Enjoy or die'
Category:Arts, Fashion
Tags:grapes, dude, suction cups, harvesting, enjoy or die
Submitted:a flaming monkey
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Comment count is 21
a flaming monkey
His Youtube profile reads:

'...I also do not accept friend requests simply because I hate you all. Try me.'
maybe it's just my browser, but the last 12 seconds keeps looping...it's like watching a david lynch short.
Same thing happened to me. For a moment, I feared he had taken control of my computer.

Billy Buttsex
Five stars for harvesting time. This guy's a genius.
This is a child prodigy at work.
Yeah, he's going to go onto great things. Although this makes no sense at all.

I choose death
I made it five seconds in before the dial broke on my annoyannceometer. Kids today...
You missed the best part. With the grapes.

Well, that was an interesting clip.
In the future he will be our king, and we will all have to wear suction cups in our eyes.
andru strange
i'm gonna get an infection but it's WORTH IT!!!
the tip of the crazy iceberg.
I like the cut of his gib.
I like his moxie.

It got a laugh out of me.
Harvesting time!
Walt Henderson
He's so charming.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I died a little.
Slim Jim
Not today, but perhaps tomorrow, great things... great things.
Lies, lies, LIES!
I wish I was as cool as this kid.
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