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Desc:'...parents need to be aware that kids are calling it by the more popular slang term BUTT HASH.'
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:fox news, jenkem, butt hash
Submitted:Dinky Patterson
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Comment count is 25
If only some enterprising young fellow poses as a butt hash addict and appears on Fox Tv with choclate smeared on their face talking about how BH is "the shit". Anyone? Please?
Give Fox a week and they'll come up with it.

Also, regarding the end comment of the news story: please let the crazy republicans and fundies in this country outlaw shitting. Maybe then we'll be absurded back into reality for once.

If there wasn't a station ID in the corner, I'd think this was an Onion article.

A hoax, but damn funny for the fact that Fox News treats it seriously

Bravo Fox News

A hoax!? But it was reported by the Drudge Report AND Fox News. That's factual enough for me, thanks.

And yes, five stars for the Hank Hill-esque "Bhutt Haish".

don't forget INSIDE EDITION my most trusted source for news.

So this is a hoax? Damn. I just spent the last hour lecturing my kids on how they will be able to do anything in life, including college, if they stay away from butt-hash.

Monchiles Monchiles
Four stars because there is not a sassy black woman testifying. I expect more Fox News.
A billion stars for whoever coined the word "butt hash".

The original police bulletin also listed another slang word for it being "Leroy Jenkems".
The complete lack of irony in television reporters is one of the best things ever.

And when I first saw the fake news release (thinking it was real) and read "Leeroy Jenkems," I found it incredibly hard to not burst out laughing (I was at work), and continued to find it hard for at least an hour.

I could listen to that guy say "butt hash" all night. And I like how they have no evidence of the "drug" actually existing or anyone ever using it.
Imagining conservative outrage at "butt hash" corrupting their children = pure hilarity.
It's the complete credulity of these people that just nails it for me. Gullible people exist for the amusement of others.
Caminante Nocturno
One kid accidentally shot another after doing Jenkem at a snipe hunt.
Shit heads.
Corman's Inferno
Butt hash caused a young girl to cough up her own fucking pelvis bone. Just imagine what her poor mother thought of that.
it's a fookin' disgrace

Frank Rizzo
Rodents of Unusual Size
And what is with all these kids making blood sacrifices to the Devil because of D&D?
Syd Midnight
That's the genius, when Concerned Parents read bulletins about this and quiz their kids, it helps their kids understand the depths of human stupidity. As a teen, no D&D book ever made me distrust religious figures, but religious commentators harping about D&D certainly did.

And here I thought my best friend in high school was just pissing in bottles because he was a lazy fuck and to make Christmas presents
I really think history will show that Jenkem is the funniest thing of 2007.
The Mothership
Easily the funniest thing since LSD tattoos.

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