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13.5 - 2008-01-14


Do you find me pleasing?

rustedmutt - 2008-03-23

This man is wearing a push-up bra. Now he's pleasing!

Also, wire rack and ostrich attack deposition.

KnowFuture - 2008-01-14


klingerbgoode - 2008-01-14

Keep it low, because that's the way I like it.

Quad9Damage - 2008-01-14

Why does Flower Lady's accent completely change?

Xenocide - 2008-01-14

Accents are for the weak.

Roachbud - 2008-01-14

I hope people don't think I'm peculiar

Lothy - 2008-01-14

Ah, Garrison Keillor

Mr. Bad Example - 2008-01-14

Use plenty of lip and tongue action. I think it's advice we can all use in our daily lives.

JimBeam - 2008-01-14


snothouse - 2008-01-14


tamago - 2008-01-14

Get bent faggot. That was for JimBeam, btw.

saganaki - 2008-01-15

Which episode was this in?

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