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Desc:A tornado kick to the face
Tags:Tornado Kick, Karate
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Comment count is 21
accurate description
Jesus Rapes Children
I could do that if I wanted to. But I dont wana.
Spinning Bird Kick!
So who won?
magical man
Sucks to be that guy's face
j lzrd / swift idiot
CHRIST!! Go Hwoarang!
Jesus Christ, man. Just sit down.
Quarter circle back + Kick
He was telegraphing that kick for 15 seconds before he threw it. Other guy got what he deserved.
That was my reaction. I'm no expert, but I've never understood why you'd ever use a spin-anything move in any non-choreographed fight. It's slow to deliver, gives your opponent plenty of time to react, and leaves you wide open.

But sometimes it does work, and with highlight reel consequences

William Batty
You do spin moves occasionally because they flow from the existing movement of a dodge or an overextension after a missed attack; and also they can serve as a sort of feint-attack because the target can't predict which direction the final strike will come from. This was a good time for one, obviously.

Still, all the world's greatest hand fighters agree that you should never do a high kick, ever.

If you are ever in a MA competition, make sure to keep your hand limp at your sides protecting your thighs.
Spastic Avenger
I think its because the spin is slow and the kick is fast.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Yeah, if you watch this, it's the rotation that takes most of the time. Yes, he telegraphed it, yeah, it almost looks choreographed, but the moment he comes around to the point of maximum extension is about the same time it takes for you to blink. Plus, I doubt Mr Red was watching Mr Blue's feet.

If you click the pause-unpause button really fast, you can see how it's kind of a dodge of that low-feinting kick Mr Red does, and Mr Blue could have maybe came out of the twist with a left-footed, backward-facing sidekick, but by that time he was committed to the full rotation. And if you pause right at the MOMENT of impact, you can see how much follow-through that kick had.

Either way, I think we can all agree, it's a good thing Mr Red had his foam helmet on, or he'd probably be on a stretcher for a good quarter of an hour or so, with coaches asking him if he remembers his name, where he is, and asking how many fingers they're holding up.

Mr. Red's going to be getting coloring books for his birthday from now on.

Toooorrrnnaaadooooo KIIIIIICCCCKKK!!!!!
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