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& Teller

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Desc:Teller survives the zombie holocaust we all know is coming.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:penn, teller, vegas
Submitted:Mike Tyson?!
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Comment count is 11
Albuquerque Halsey
It wasn't amazing, but I'll 5-star almost anything zombie related.
He talks a lot, just not during his stage act or in Bullshit!. He has written that he actually gets pretty annoyed when people see him talking after a show and they're all OMG U CAN TALK?! NO WAI! and such. I guess he doesn't like to be reminded that most people are too stupid to realize the difference between a gimmick and an actual trait.

Cinnamon Imperialist
I wanted to like this.
As did I.

Another star added because Teller's voice is very soothing.

Caminante Nocturno
Hearing Teller try and sound so series is pretty weird.

As is hearing him at all.
4 stars for not having to see Penn.
Anything with Penn &/or Teller in it automatically gets a generous rating from me. Zombies being in it makes up for any stars I might not have given it.

Their Vegas show is fun

Innocent Bystander
-1 star for losing momentum towards the end.

Teller = automatic five stars, but zombies added in makes it extra good.
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