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Desc:Christopher Hitchens reaffirms his belief that women are not funny
Category:Humor, Educational
Tags:funny, Jews, women, Hitchens, dykes
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Jeff Fries
Hitchen's opinions are arranged like a double helix. They all connect, yet the more you follow them, the more your opinion of him turns, until you end up right back where you started.
Best. Troll. Evah. Despite his drunkenness, and history of Trotskyism, I have to give him credit for this Borat-worthy trollstravaganza. Alas, one star: Balliol is a toss college, and is an albatross around this otherwise wonderful man's neck.
You must be some Trinity wank.

I like this guy.
I'm glad that I can watch this man speak on his views and opinions.
Cinnamon Imperialist
I'm surprised he never touched on the "I'm a bitch. DEAL WITH IT." style of comedy that every straight gentile comedian seems to use.
I wonder if this rakish attitude gets him many women?
i wonder if drinking that alcohol gets him drunk

wtf japan
How is being Jewish a form of masculine emulation? Other than dense hair development and secret penises, I mean.

Still, 5 stars because I tend to agree. Eagerly awaiting "Why Some Women Apparently Can't Even Read."

You kind of fucked up with the whole Iraq thing and the Gandhi thing and the Theresa thing but I still love you in some weird way. I have to object to the zooms. I hope this does not become a fad in interviews.
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