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Tags:Psycho, Transvestite, Transgender, white boy
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Comment count is 28
There's nothing like chasing an 11 year old boy around a strip mall and arguing with him to boost your self-esteem!
wtf japan
Amazing on so many levels. Oh, in case you missed it, a "faggot" is meatballs in the United Kingdom. The moar you know.
Pie Boy
He got served.
He got served by it.

He is not the little boy's momma.
No, but I bet he's easier on the eyes.

Monchiles Monchiles
Somewhere this plan went horribly wrong.
Frank Rizzo
depends on your frame of reference.

That chick is hot. And now to check the title of the video...

Binro the Heretic
Unfortunately, all the eyewitnesses saw was a scary crazed transvestite screaming at an innocent little white boy. It doesn't matter that the kid was being a smarmy little prick.
Collin Cote
Regardless of eyewitnesses, this person received their satisfaction and it's not like anyone could accurately report their description, they could just throw on a new outfit, stuff or unstuff their bra, and thrown on a new wig... almost like a superhero you might say.

Syd Midnight
Say what you want, but there is a certain level of pwnage that only black women and drag queens can achieve. Issac Newton established that. Ahaha, but this punk got PWNT .

Billy Buttsex
Smarmy little prick? You've gotta be kidding me. This "person" is a total freak, and if it's not in jail for being an abomination, it deserves to be mocked by children.

Wow Billy, that comment actually manages to be even stupider than your usual "niggers be taking over" rants.

King of Balls
I guess I'm kinda surprised none of the other store patrons looked more stimulated by the dada events unfolding before themů

enki don't
Remember kids: Tranny heat is bad heat.
karl hungus
ah. little beaches.
Is this a trailer for the new Batman movie?
Mr. Fiesta
I love Sharolaid! She is AMAZING!
Oh man, the sass is of the charts.

The sass charts.
Jeff Fries
Squares are getting really good at ignoring everything around them
Dear Leader
"Thank you and what! Owwwwned!"

Gotta start using that.
I just like that the little boy tried to hide from a drag queen in a SHOE STORE. That seems like a really counterintuitive idea.

What happened to her face?
Adham Nu'man
A Jumping Spider!
that is not how you put on lipstick.
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