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Desc:Sophomoric humor at its best.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:the daily show, TDS, Jock Stirrup, Leadsemen Huffington Knobgobbler
Submitted:Lauritz Melchior
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Lauritz Melchior
I agree that this has the potential to have been a two-star video, but John Stuart completely losing it bumps this up to five billion for me.
Caminante Nocturno
They read names which were different than the ones Stewart practiced with. The result is very funny.
Aubrey McFate
Remington Snatch.

English people have some strange gene that allows them to come up with funny names better than any other race of people on Earth.
Syd Midnight
They draw immense power from it. A guy named Col. Nigel Dorking-Crump will conquer an oriental nation, and a frigate named HMS Turtledove will sink half a German convoy then ram a cruiser.

Lt. Colonel Buntington Cornhole.
He is so good at keeping a straight face while John Stuart is laughing, and the way he gets angry at John for not showing the proper respect is brilliant.
Syd Midnight
John Oliver knows how to make Americans laugh.

I love it when Jon cracks up
Rodents of Unusual Size
Alistair Vaginafoot.
Ow Switch
Even Colbert couldn't keep his composure like that.
Lauritz Melchior
I've watched this video, like, twenty times!

Lauritz Melchior
http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-april-3-2008/britain-s-falle n-soldiers

poetv might have put a smace or two in there, but that's the link.
http://www.cc.com/video-clips/5ownbt/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewa rt-britain-s-fallen-soldiers
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