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Caminante Nocturno - 2008-04-29

I was going to say something about how the cartoon versions of the Jackson Five looked pretty good for the time, and then those fucking animals showed up.

Whatever, five just for the dancing.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-04-30

Hey, don't talk that way about LaToya and Jermaime.

seriouslyuguys - 2008-04-29

Rankin and Bass!

Disaster - 2008-04-29

wow, i watched this after listening to my roomies obnoxious michael's hits and the difference in his singing and so on was astounding...but still...this...existed?

fluffy - 2008-04-29

I vaguely remember seeing it when it was on TV.

Aelric - 2008-04-29

tito gotta eat too!

blase - 2008-04-29

There was also a Beatles and an Osmonds cartoon, back in the 60s-70s when all Sat AM cartoons were about bands with talking animal mascots and a song at the end.

fluffy - 2008-04-29

The Beatles cartoon was so terrible that the band was very reluctant to do anything for Yellow Submarine until they saw that it was actually turning out pretty good.

KnowFuture - 2008-04-30

The Partridge Family had one too.

HURF BLURF DUH - 2008-04-30

You're absolutely right, and I remember this cartoon and the Beatles, Osmonds, and Partridge family ones as well.

Why don't they do this anymore? Simple Plan, anyone? Fall Out Boy? Luleelurah?

Or maybe Radiohead could have one and make it like Worker and Parasite, all disjointed and angular with electronic blips and bloops.

blase - 2008-04-30


robotkarateman - 2008-11-08

The Brady Bunch cartoon gang had a magic crow.

Xenocide - 2008-04-30

That snake appears to me hitting on me.

dementomstie - 2008-04-30

Just to make a clarification in case anyone was wondering, I labeled it as "Crime" because clearly, it's a crime to have made this cartoon. Also, since when did snakes get eyebrows?

Camonk - 2008-05-01

Pinestock is the whitest name for any place ever.

Pie Boy - 2008-06-25

These stars are for the Da5id tag.

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