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Category:Video Games, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:gta, grand theft auto, zero punctuation, Yahtzee, gta4
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Comment count is 28
For fat cat.
I like the guy, but that was pretty damn anti-climactic...didn't really say much about the game you couldn't have gotten from glancing at any review.
I don't think his heart was in this one.
I don't know, most of the reviews I've been seeing are all "OMG BEST GAME EVER MADE! NINE THUMBS UP THIS IS FLAWLESS!" I found it refreshing that someone was willing to take the game to task for some of its more baffling design choices.

Oh no, that's cool. I mean, there's all kinds of shit in the game worth criticizing, it's just..this one felt like he was just getting it out of the way rather than really saying anything substantive. I guess I should have clarified when I said "Reviews", I meant normal people's reviews and opinions, which is typically what I read. Yeah, not mainstream reviews, which were even more ridiculously complimentary than Halo 3, which I didn't think was humanly possible.

I guess he didn't get to the part where you really do e-mail your mom.

Although I think people shouldn't waste their time on anything that isn't a mission. The game is just too damn long otherwise. You can run over people, blow shit up and fart around while you're picking up a package.
The first time I hit a tree, and I bounced for two city blocks, I knew this was the game for me.

My other favorite flying motor death was screaming down the west side highway, rear ending a car, flying out the windshield, hitting the highway sign above the road, falling back to earth and right before hitting, getting wailed on by a semi and going airborne again.
My favourite death was when I decided to shoot a gas pump with a shotgun. The resulting blast knocked me up and back, making me hit the overpass behind me and snapping my neck.

My favorite death was when I tried to do the Soldier's rocket-jump with the RPG.

It turns out you cannot do this.

-1 star because I was looking forward to hearing him bitch about Mario Kart. The best ones are always the ones where he hates on the Wii.
So wait. Your criteria for -1 star is that it wasn't Mario Kart?!?!

At the very end in the credits Yahtzee mentions that he is never ever playing Mario Kart

-1 star for reminding me of Skid Row...

Frank Rizzo
someone please explain to me why this guy is funny?
Oh shit. He went there.

Remove the copious amounts of sand from your vagina. Congradulations, you can now find Yahtzee funny.

This review was light on jokes and heavy on review. I think his previous one was funny. If you don't like that then go watch a puss-pop vid, asshole.

He speaks quickly and says insults that are very British insults! Twat! HAH! Oh man, this guy with a British accent who insults games and universally rates all games bad is hilarious! He talks quickly!

While I realize that it's possible for people to have different opinions about the same thing, and I find that this variety of outlooks is what makes this tapestry of humanity so colorful and interesting... I feel it neccessary to point out that you're siding with Frank Rizzo.

Despite his street cred as a bouncer, if I ever were to find myself in agreement with him on say... anything, I would feel like less of a person. After much soul searching, huddled in the corner of the shower, shivering with fear and nausea as I let the water scald my supple flesh. I would cry myself to sleep thusly, half hoping I would drown while unconcious.

That having been said, it wasn't his best review.

I am a sexy lady and want to have sex with Frank Rizzo because he doesn't like things other people like.

How dare that British man have a British accent and use British vernacular

Aubrey McFate
You do thin on every one of his videos. Why do you keep watching them.

I know he never reviews multiplayer, but goddamn multiplayer is addictive in this game. I played Cops and Robbers for like 2 hours straight yesterday.
Caminante Nocturno
This is one of his best reviews.
j lzrd / swift idiot
The world's toughest, mind you.

I enjoyed listening to it; I get no picture for some reason.
oh there it is.. weird

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