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Desc:'If you make just one mistake, you have to start all over again'
Category:Video Games, Classic TV Clips
Tags:commercial, addams family, festers quest, fester
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Comment count is 15
saitcho - 2008-07-06
FABIO2 - 2008-07-06
Step 1: Create 10 new sprites for Blaster Master.

Step 2: Roll out genius marketing campaign touting your game's bullshit difficulty.

Xenocide - 2008-07-06
Battletoads should have marketed itself the same way.


FABIO2 - 2008-07-06
I liked how Battletoads made you think it'd be an awesome co-op game to play with a buddy, but since 90% of the game was insta-death platforming that meant that 2 player mode was just an extra chance to screw up.

The odds of two people who could beat Battletoads also being friends were infinitesimal.

Xenocide - 2008-07-06
Wikipedia reports the following!

A secret level accessible with the Game Genie device allows Fester to watch schoolchildren play in a park. The goal of this level is not clear.

nuzzles - 2008-07-06
I think this game actually used part of the Blaster Master engine. Which in itself, was originally about a space fight and aliens, etc...which then somehow got translated into "Jason's pet frog hops down a hole which leads to a cavernous radioactive evil monster underworld which is in Jason's backyard for some reason*. Jason then finds tank with wheels that look like Children's Tylenol and goes after his frog through eight levels with music that starts out great and gets progressively worse."

I don't know what they were smoking over at Sunsoft.

(* It is possible that he lived next-door to Alex Roivas.)

StanleyPain - 2008-07-06
I remember playing this as a kid and thinking "Wow, this has NOTHING to do with the Addam's Family." Apart from a Fester sprite, the game literally could have been with any generic character or story about stopping evil monsters.
PlushJake - 2008-07-06
Yeah, but that Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt game was SWEET.
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-07-06
I think I was JUUUUST young enough to fall for that sort of line.

But only for a rental, thank God.
Testicles of Doom - 2008-07-06
I actually still own the game.

Maybe I should frame it.
Bisekrankas - 2008-07-06
Thats almost the exact same tune as when you tag the emotional baggage in psychonauts
Smellvin - 2008-07-06
One mistake and you HAVE to start over... or get to?
revdrew - 2008-07-06
Keep in mind that this game came out before the big Addams Family movie revival. There really is no reason for this game to exist.
citrusmirakel - 2008-07-06
I was actually wondering about that.

bopeton - 2008-07-06
I almost beat this game, but a family friend decided it was too dark in the room and decided to flip the switch. The nitnendo was on that circuit and my game got turned off.

I was pissed for weeks.
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