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Desc:fuck this is an awesome cartoon
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Betty Boop
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Comment count is 11
TheDevilsDictionary - 2008-07-19
He did it with that hippo!
Udderdude - 2008-07-19
Camonk - 2008-07-19
Someone give me a good reason for why we don't get cartoons like this, no more.
cognitivedissonance - 2008-07-19
Because these guys had no idea what they were doing, and had to forcibly INVENT the medium. Imagine if you had absolutely no idea how to build a car but were given the basics of what one looks like. That's what the Fleischers and Disney's boys had to work with.

bac - 2008-07-19
dupe and also how fucking lazy can you be you.

I am smiling right now because I know sometime in the future you'll you'll get hit by a car or get cancer...or stub a toe anyway thats what I'm smiling about.
Udderdude - 2008-07-19
butthurt much?

Keefu - 2008-07-19
Did he...did he...did he impregnate....that hippo?
Rafiki - 2008-07-19
You know, Betty Boop really was just kind of an old-timey Bratz character. She may have been involved in cooler things, but still.
Randroid - 2008-07-19
I was expecting some hashishin to come out of the shadows and stab betty in the neck but hey. all I got was a sad dog and some spiders and a senile with a mile long beard and a squirrel too
KnowFuture - 2008-07-20
Fill every empty space in the universe with Fleischer Brothers dupes and it would be an improvement.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-07-20
Historical fact: it was shit like this that later got banned and forced them to de-sexify Betty Boop and make her generally less boring. Ah, to be with the MPAA back in the heydey of censorship.
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