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Desc:Contains the greatest rebuttal to the banana argument for creationism.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Religious
Tags:Bananas, atheists, atheist experience, whats with the hat?
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Comment count is 23
Actually, I did not know that about bananas.
Tha they fit in your butt?

The banana, butt, and penis thing made me giggle.

Spike Jonez
I now want to refer to that as "hand-banana creationism" so that I can think of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode and smile quietly to myself.

The smug nerdy douchebag show! And if you needed a fat beardo with a jester's hat to tell you that bananas are cultivated, sucks to be you.
Aubrey McFate
I could not agree more. Way to look as dumb and annoying as the people calling in.

I agree also, about this show, but it's still kinda funny so three stars.

Mike Tyson?!
This is the first time he's worn the hat on the show, does that make it better?

The fact that you've watched this show more than once makes it so much worse.

Mike Tyson?!

Full episode!

If you needed a smug nerdy douchebag to whine about a beardo in a hat telling you that bananas fit in your butt, sucks to be you.
Oops, that was a reply to positively. And on reflection, I'd like to say that the banana argument is not without appeal.

I was not enamourded until the banana exchange.
A person you want to punch vs. another person you want to punch.
Agree, but the banana and erection quips were good.

How would you react if someone said trees prove God? Seriously, trees?
Trees mean that "God" exists, bananas mean that "God" exists...

You know a Freudian might misinterpret just what it is these things mean.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Sadly, I have been told this, only it was "How can you look at trees and the majesty of the sky and say there's no God?"

I just laughed and said easily.

These five stars are ALL for that caller.

I believe in God simply because of all the fun items I can find in the produce section of my local grocery store that can fit up my ass.
yay this comment made me laugh

j lzrd / swift idiot
Exasperated sighing is contagious.
Justin Dohrmann
I love the internets. I really really really do.
it fits in your butt!
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