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Desc:68 min guide to concealment for recent mechanics and clerks. Practical, no politics.
Category:Military, Classic Movies
Tags:sniper, camouflage, Luftwaffe
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Comment count is 12
Maybe spending most of your combat time constructing puppets wasn't such a good strategy huh Fritz?

Also, at 28:00= hilarity
How the fuck are you supposed to function in combat covered in birch tree bark? Who could you possible fool?

Also, I think they forgot the possibility the RA most likely would just katyusha the whole area and their precious puppetry.

More like pour hundreds of conscripts forward without regard for casualties until they flushed the sniper out.

Kind of like an even more ruthless version of Lee Marvin in Big Red One.

enki don't
That's no camouflaged Luftwaffe desk-clerk, that's one of the Nazi's failed breeding programs to produce a race of Über-Betulaceae.
I will spare you the wiki: Betulaceae, or the Birch Family, includes six genera of deciduous nut-bearing trees and shrubs, including the birches, alders, hazels, hornbeams and hop-hornbeams, numbering about 130 species.

enki don't
i said: FAILED PROGRAM didn't I?
yes, so Uber-Betula Pubescens would be my guess, you, tree-hugger.
'That rear end's a nice target.'
yeah i really believe that all you people actually watched 70 minutes of german sniper training video
Some of us have patience. Didn't the video teach you anything?

goethe re scape
it's not smart to antagonize people who just watched 70 minutes of a german sniper training video.

Whitewater hears a noise outside his window. "Whew, it's only a birch tree."
Then BANG.

Grace Mugabe
"Practical, no politics." Yes, because otherwise watching a seventy-minute Nazi sniper training film would be a bit weird.
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