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Desc:Gremlins get inserted into other films, pretty good compositing
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Gremlins, fan film, ocd, compositing
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Comment count is 23
This is great stuff, I don't care how it exists, I'm just glad it does.
Innocent Bystander
Holy crap!
I like the stop-motion gremlins the best.
Some of the compositing is a little shaky but that's like complaining that a couple of brush strokes on the Sistine Chapel are a little off.
Not sure how this could even remotely be considered "aspergers-related" though. It's not like this is cataloging every single gremlin that occurred in each film or movie spinoff or anything, this is actually making something COOL.

you're right. I just found this guy's "making of" vid


doesn't seem like he has aspergers...but I take issue with one thing, LOTS of cool stuff has come out of aspergers, just, usually only cool in that poeTV kinda way.

Holy crap that is amazing. I just figured it was CG, rather than very carefully-motion-matched puppets. Damn that guy is awesome.

I thought it was just a well done series of video-editing or CGI tricks.

This man deserves a job doing, something. I'm not sure what, but talent like this shouldn't go to waste on us.

The Raiders one is best.
I, for one, am impressed.
Possibly better than the original movies.
Angel Carver
According to the making of, the filmmaker is also "one of the most important Gremlins collectors in the world."

He is also totally cute...which is notable because HE IS AN INSANE GREMLINS FANBOY WTF? By all rights he should be geeky and strange-looking. Like me.
It's funny how from him, an obsessive Gremlins collection seems cute rather than creepy.

See, obsessive nerds.. less Care Bear Stars, more THIS.
Batman has no tolerance for Gremlins.
fucking wow
Also it's not an OCD type.
It's just a kid with rich supportive parents and nothing else to do with his life (from his french accent I can tell he's an aristocrat).
Jeff Fries
Good taste in movies
holy fuck, yes!
On the bright side, at least the cavern with the ark didn't have any snakes.
Fucking fantastic. I almost typed "fucking fatastic" but let's face it, if you made this, you are probably fat.

(also, I would have SHIT if it had actually included a Big Trouble in Little China sequence.)
That was awesome. Great stuff.
I wish he'd actually done The Mosquito Coast.
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