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Desc:CNN can't figure it out and says so.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:CNN, republicans, wtf, Sarah Palin
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Comment count is 35
It was a perfectly cromulent answer.
I disagree. It was more scrumtrilescent.

It's all about the molecules.

And if you disagree, you must hate America!
the debates are going to be hard to look directly at
Binro the Heretic

CITIZEN: "Governor Palin, if we drill all these new offshore wells and wells on wildlife preserves, would you put a ban on the export of that new oil?"

PALIN: "Well, once it's mixed with the old oil, we can't tell which is which. Sure, we need it here in the US, but we wouldn't want an export ban to prevent us from getting it here in the US."

i love how mccain gave her a nod after her answer, as if to say "yeah you go girl".

if these people are elected i am going to make it my duty to berate and belittle everyone i can who voted for them with my 'intellectual arrogance". i'm going to hurt feelings for 4 years, seriously.
I think that nod meant, "Yeah, I've right fucked myself good this time."

Palin is a leading expert on energy basically because she's from Alaska?


*head explodes*
Binro the Heretic
Well, she's an expert on foreign affairs because Alaska is close to Russia.

Did she say oil is a "funjabble commodity"?
Binro the Heretic
Fungible (can be freely traded)

If Obama used a word like that, he'd be called "elitist."

I think this may be the only time any of us will ever hear the word "fungible" being used by a major political candidate, or perhaps ever.
The last time I recall hearing the word "fungible" was 2003.

It was really obvious that she was fed the first line because she spat it out so quick and for how fast it descended into nonsense afterward.

Funjables have got to be one of my absolute favorite snacks.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Well yeah, they're made from 100% polar bear! Mmmm, oily.

That was one sentence.






She just kept talking in one long unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic so that no one had the chance to interrupt it was quite hypnotic.

I would like somebody to put this to techno.

About all I'm taking away from this is a sense of being vaguely impressed Palin even knows a word like fungible. I knew it was a word, but there's no way I could have used it in a sentence.

On the other hand, there's really no telling whether she can use it in a sentence either, at least based on this.
The Townleybomb
Where do you think she's been for the past month? Learning the word "fungible". She also learned what a molecule is.

that hot canadian chick is smart
Diarrhea of the mouth. There's no other way to accurately describe that.
That... what? It's like someone wrote the answer using those magnetic word things that go on your freezer. Sex is an airport. Don't I know. It sounds like something someone wrote either to make fun of what a fucking stupid cunt she is, or else to make fun of foreigners trying to answer a complicated question in English. Sarah Palin: Worse at English than ESL speakers!

I wish that stupid whorecunt would die of maggots in her stupid fucking brain.
"And for interpretation, here's some chick standing in front of some trees or something...in Alaska!"

Hands off my oil molecules, CANADA.

I'm waiting for Palin to turn out to be some sort of elaborate super-troll masterminded by 4chan. It's the only explanation.
Those of you who are disputing this answer are only doing so because you're sexist.
I understand it perfectly. She made a whish-washy response that affirms that she'd sell the oil.

This is what I got. Anyone else get the same?
Space Helicopter
I'm still very, very hungry for those fungible molecules. Don't flag them! I don't wanna be stuck holding the bag.
My stars of hate go to CNN on this:

STOP SAYING "some say"!

You are the media, you are allowed to directly point out when people make mistakes. All during the Bush years, it was never "He fucked up" but always, "According to [x] he fucked up" or "some have suggested that the Administration isn't always truthful". Grow a pair already.


Old people are the only people who watch news on television now, in particular, old conservatives.

Mayberry Pancakes
Oil and coal, of course it it’s a - fungible commodity - and they don’t you know flag the molecules where it’s going or where it’s not but in the - in the sense of the Congress today they know they are very very hungry domestic markets that need that oil first, so I believe that what Congress is gonna do also is not to allow the export bans to such a degree that it’s Americans who get stuck holding the bag without the energy source that is produced here, pumped here, it’s gotta flow into our domestic markets first.


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