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Desc:after killing its mother. Haunting.
Category:Nature & Places, Pets & Animals
Tags:leopard, baboon, survival of the fittest, crygasm
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Comment count is 28
Thanks God, for the twisting, turning maze of cruelty and sadness you created. Lets hear it for GOD everybody!
Thank you, God.

It's a hell of a ride ain't it?

God is great, god is awful, god is wondrous.

Although I fail to see the evolutionary advantage of all this.

You fail to see the evolutionary advantage in caring for things that are small and furry? You can't imagine any situation in which reacting in a similar way to a similar life form would be of significant advantage to a species?

I'm sure there is a perfectly normal explanation here - Stockholm syndrome probably tastes better to cheetahs.

Precisely. The leopard is only trying to breed a whole new kind of cow.

I'm not sure if that was nature being poetically sad or beautiful or sadly beautiful, but nature is really just fucked up generally.
It's just fucked up. You can assign beautiful or sad or any combination you wish, that part is your choice.

Caminante Nocturno
I, for one, don't entirely appreciate God's humor.
And I when I die, I expect to find Him laughing.

It's not with you though, it's at you.

5 stars for revdrew

how does baby baboon nurse from kitty? it doesn't, then baby dies and kitty eats it :(
Kind of a moot point, buddy. Does -- um does somebody else want to tell him? I just can't.

Okay, i will do it. when they said it was the cold that finally silenced the baboon, that was poetic docu-speak for the cute little thing froze to death. Sad, but natural. Have some tissues...

Leopards are awesome and this is sad.
Harold Manchester
Social Services in the veldt are swift and terrible.
I kind of wish we had leopard-staffed social services in the States.

I want to take away a star for the YouTube title (wild animals have feelings too)

A baby baboon has a very similar sensory signature to a baby leopard. There's no surprise that it triggered maternal instincts in her.

Also, fuck baboons, they are terrifying, horrible things and I'd much rather meet a leopard any day.
I think this is where they got the idea for the Star Wars: Force Unleashed game. The leopard is totally training the Baboon to kill the emperor.
I haven't picked it up yet so I can't judge how big a spoiler that is

I mean, the Emperor thing and the implication that Vader killed the apprentice's mom

Oh I actually saw this episode. Jeremy Irons anthropomorphizing leopards brutally murdering baboons is about the best thing that can happen in a nature show. Oh and yeah it's pretty sad about the baby and whatever.
You can almost hear the leopard going "Oh FUCK" when it sees the baby.
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