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Desc:'Like regular Yu-Gi-Oh, except everybody is on motorbikes.' Shortest pitch in TV history.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Anime, yugioh, yu-gi-oh, Horrible cartoon infinity, motorbikes
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Caminante Nocturno
I don't think the world economy is ready for a card game that uses motorcycles as accessories.

Maybe big wheels.
The fifth dimension is motorbikes.

-1 star for the virtue of still not being Bratz Babyz.
I'm wondering who in the United States is still watching these Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokemon/Digimon/Monster Rancher type shows.
Ten year olds, duh

Wait, how do you even play cards while on motorcycles? There must be so many horrible traffic fatalities on this show.
Caminante Nocturno
I hope there's an episode where the main character can't get insurance because he plays card games on a motorcycle.

But then he challenges the president of Geico to a motorcycle card game (of course he plays!) and wins free insurance for life by beating him.

Not that it matters much since the next day our hero rams head-on into a 16-wheeler while doing 80 on the Massachusetts turnpike. Last words: "YOU JUST ACTIVATED MY TRAP CA-"

Dr. Lobotomy
I saw part of an episode last weekend.

Two guys were going in circles on their motorcycles in a ruined stadium, playing a card game. One of the bikes looked a lot like Mr.Garrison's "it" on South Park.

Anyways, they kept one-upping each other with their cards and dragons and shit then their arms started to glow and the whole city's power grid exploded or something. Then the cops showed up and arrested one of them for being an illegal immigrant.

This show must be awesome to watch while high.
wait what? One of them was arrested for being an illegal immigrant? I know that Yugioh never made much sense, and the rest of the description makes me think of every other Yugioh show ever, but deportation?
Of all the things not to make sense, that's the one I'm focusing on in this synopsis.

For some reason this reminds me of Akira. I'm hoping it ends in the same fashion
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