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Desc:I want to hit this idiot for his statements made at 2:30. WHAT?!
Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:007, Aspergers, Goldeneye, Gaming in the Clinton Years
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Comment count is 18
This guy is obviously a huge troll, which is kind of funny. I mean, he tears apart the best games and lavishes praises on the worst. Pretty obvious.
He's not. He's very real.

"As far is we know there isn't a different ending (Because I'm not skilled enough to finish the game on hard, so I have complete confidence that if I can't beat it, there isn't something special there.)"
Buddy of mine and I used to have *vicious* deathmatches in this, good times. Downside is Goldeneye's multiplayer can basically be called Body Armor Gathering: The Game.
License to kill mode is the only way to Goldeneye if you're serious about it.

I've always wanted to be serious about Goldeneye, but unfortunately, it's a video game.

Hooker gets a spirit bulb.

days spent with friends playing License to kill mode with just pistols.

Jeff Fries
If you were a male born between 1978 and 1985, chances are 100% that you and a buddy played this game nonstop until the room smelled like a gay man's open thighs.

His excuse for not playing multiplayer is a lie. It's not that he doesn't have another control, he just doesn't have any friends.
Well you don't need a second controller if you don't have any friends. C'mon man, think before you speak.

That does it, now I'm mad. Fuck you nerd man.
This guy is a turd, and perhaps marginally retarded. Who complains about lack of cinematic sequences?
"no one buys a game solely for the multiplayer" He meant to say no one buys a game solely for the multiplayer options if they are a friendless jackass who will die alone behind a soiled mattress in a shitty hotel. :-) I remember some seriously crazy drunken multiplayer weekends with this game. good times.

What the heck! Cinematic technique in a game? Ridiculous! I won’t stand for it.

Fuck you kindly sir!

Barron Semadi's pimp hat forever!

5 stars for discovering the INFURIATE NERD button.

"You will surely want to change from the default controls to make the game handle more like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter."

"No-one buys a game specifically for its multiplayer options."

I can't believe so many of you are falling for this. Falling for this and getting angry.
I'm starting to find it very likely that these were legit reviews done in the 90s rather than trolls.

Jeff Fries
Only a nerd could be insulted by a retard

Goethe and ernie
This game is literally impossible to finish. But be warned - it's too short and too easy.

Guh buh guh?
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