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Desc:Benoit Mandelbrot thinks the global economy is in dire straits.
Category:News & Politics, Business
Tags:economy, Benoit Mandelbrot, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Newshour, The Black Swan
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Knowledge is not power, it's terrifying and deprives you of sleep!
Syd Midnight
Can't rate because this is way over my head, but you don't want to disagree with someone whose name has become a common scientific term.

All I know about economics I learned from EVE Online, and what I learned is that wasting money to destroy a market is more fun than anything you could actually buy with it. When I made my first few billion ISK I used it to demolish an ore market because it was more fun than any doomsday weapon. No capitalist expects anybody to really work against profit and self-interest, they just stand around screaming "WHYYYY?" as you destroy all their wealth along with your own. They keep thinking it's random market fluctuations, when it's really a billionaire who is doing Gods Will.

Economic terrorism is incredibly fun and effective. Its fun to BE that butterfly, and easy. They never see it coming. Markets cannot handle a terribly wealthy religious fanatic terrorist who'd demolish bottleneck markets and bring the whole place down.

Maybe that's relevant?
Not even a little bit. Unlike your comment, however, this video was moderately interesting.

Syd Midnight
So how is economic terrorism an impossibility? You didn't say shit so I figure you don't have shit to add but are a catty little princess?

"this is way over my head, but you don't want to disagree with someone whose name has become a common scientific term"

five stars

I was gonna say how I won't disagree with someone who's the subject of one of my favorite JC songs. I... I think yours is a better reason, honestly.

How am I supposed to respond to the suggestion that international financiers and investment banks are griefing? Hint: it's not with a reasoned refutation of the "argument." Really, it makes me want to check the amount of lead in your water supply.

Syd Midnight
"International financiers and investment banks" would be the VICTIMS, not the griefers. There's some very wealthy people who enjoy western economic collapse, and/or have relatives living in caves because half the world's militaries are looking for them.

As wild conspiracy theories go, I don't think it's such a bad one.

-2 stars because Mandelbrot really only has a cameo appearance in this clip, and there's more doomsaying and conjecture than hard science. Still, when Mandelbrot says he's losing sleep over the economy, you better fucking listen.

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