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Desc:Here, Lee shows Mario how to make a 'super simple' No-Bake Birthday Cake by ruining a 40$ sheet cake
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:cake, sandra lee, cake wrecks, mario lopez, cake abuse
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Comment count is 56
Whew, almost ruined it with that smiley face cookie
Sean Robinson
Damn, that lady has a nice rack!

The things I can masturbate to...

Binro the Heretic
I'm deducting one star because she's not pounding down booze.
I refuse to believe they are not both high as fuck right now.

Magical Man from Happy-Land
seriously these are the kinds of antics that high people engage in

These sprinkles feel like rainbows!

"You've turned a cake into a..............priceless cake!"

HAHAHA holy shit what an utter disaster.
I don't know about the cake being priceless, but the look on the birthday kid's face will be.
Be sure to have the camera prepped and ready to go!

Hey Slater, priceless is the opposite of worthless.

Smiley-face? You worthless imbecile. You think this is some white-trash, podunk, grocery store cake we're making? Fuck no. This is classy dammit, this is a cake for royalty. Its icing is refinement and its filling is sophistication. This cake is going to be worth more than you make in a year, you loutish, backwater, philistine.

Now, if you wouldn't mind not proving yourself completely incompetent, pass me more cupcakes and smiley-face ladybugs.


Caminante Nocturno
Wow, does this ever make me angry.
Fifth star for not being a Wal-Mart ad. Because of no smiley faces. And because not everyone involved was white trash.
Five stars for Mario Lopez saying "I am a messy little kid". That cannot be the first time he's said that.
Is that really Mario Lopez?

it's not that hard to believe, not like AC Slater has much to do these days.

Not since the male version of The View folded.

I liked that show. I actually watched it every day.

The hell was it called again? It had Dick Clark and Danny Bonnaduce, and they tried to tell women how to give blowjobs in a morning television friendly way.

The Other Half. That's what it was called.

if you take a shit on a cake while facing backwards its called an AC Sandra

Fife stars for "You can get your kid's to help make this cake..."
She almost suggest we should all start child abusive and outrageously priced cake company.
Retard cake
Retards could do better than that.

Rodents of Unusual Size
5 stars for "Your girlfriend is a lucky little thing" and "Oh I dunno about that".

If ever there was proof that Mario Lopez is gayer than a picnic, this is it.
Damnit, I was just about to post that EXACT same spot and you beat me to it.

"Oh, I don't know about thaaaaaat." ahahahah oh shit.

http://snagwiremedia.com/wickedyouth/Mario_Lopez_hallowe_380902a.j pg

I don't mean to sound like a faggot or nothin', but I wish I had an ass like that.

Canine Feces
Think so? He keeps looking at her chest.

Canine Feces
On the other hand, "Hello, my little butterfly."

Screw you nay-sayers. By putting a cake on top of another cake, you get two times the cake. And that's awesome.

Everything else is just icing.
Seriously... when I was a kid, a cake like that would have been the most awesome thing I'd ever seen. Two cakes on top of each other with cupcakes and cookeis and tons of icing? Fuck yeah. People dissing this cake are retarded and have forgotten what it's like to be a kid.

Hey. Hey. They added cupcakes and frosted sugar cookies, too. Who cares if it looks like it was decorated by professional morons, I would eat the SHIT out of that cake.

That cake would be eminently fine for a child's birthday party. It would not, however, be appropriate for a goddamn wedding, as she implies.

I WOULD eat this cake. And enjoy it.

But I still vote that it be officially dubbed "Retard Cake".

It looks remarkably edible despite the ineptitude that went into it's creation. It does not look "good".

It might be appropriate if two children got married. Or two tardmonsters.

I want someone to find a clip of Sandra Lee's "beer cocktails" (or better yet, the full episode, which had to do with having an in-home "tailgate" party, where she was supporting her husband's favorite team because her own team had a rivalry with his, and she made some sort of weird bratwurst concoction as well). That was my first exposure to her and holy fuck was it wonderful.
and in case anyone thinks I"m making shit up, here is the "recipe" for the "cocktail:" http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sandra-lee/lime-beer-cocktail-r ecipe/index.html

Holy fuck, that's the Kwanzaa cake lady. I knew her "DIY" style was familiar.

Here's an amazingreview of the beer cocktail:

My neighbor served this at our kids' soccer game. I had to add about a cup or two of vodka to make it potable.


I didn't know Robert Rauschenberg made cakes.
Definitely had to look that one up. Comments that inspire me to learn things are the best!!!

I'm pretty sure that's not going to fool anyone.
I want to make these and sell them for 0 to rich idiots like her.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Love's extra. It's 9 for a 0 with love.

Operation Cornflakes
She's got great hoots.
But what about the table setting?!
this woman is a poison. dreaming up 100 ways to cook rice-a-roni does not make you a chef.
I think anyone that actually ate that would slip into a diabetic coma or vomit uncontrollably.
Pie Boy
i recently procured an 18 speed bike for only 50 dollars from some gypsies
She said she made this once for a wedding. A WEDDING. Imagine having a friend get someone who "has a cooking show" to do your cake on the cheap and come up with THIS.

One of my favorites is the "Japanese" themed episode, which has her make an entree out of ramen.
Shotgun Jackson
Why couldn't this woman just jump straight to porn before her body collapses in on itself.
For some reason, the sad face in the title makes this for me.
Sandra Lee could save a lot of time and money if all of her shows were just a five second clip of her saying "Take all your ingredients and just put them in a big pile"
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