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Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:bears, Obese, mankini, pannus, free hugs
Submitted:Killer Prunes
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Comment count is 20
I just want to to curl up in the warm moist pocket underneath his massive pannus and take a sweet cozy nap....AFTER my hug of course!
Killer Prunes
I would like to inform you that pannus is now a linked tag, and my favorite word.

five stars for the "#1 Rule for Flat Abs" ad that popped in on the bottom while i was watching
Mine was for "100% safe virus protection"

Helena Handbasket
Alicia Keys & Jack White "Another Way to Die"

Geoff Marr
Air purifier reviews

All of the above.

Mike Tyson?!
This guy rocks cause he can be completely naked and no one can see his junk.
No kidding. With all the hugs, this guy looks like he's got a pretty good life.

if this was me I'd always leave the house.
Godard's Drinking Problem
The youtube title urges the viewer "Watch in High Quality"
Spit Spingola
Is that Grabear?
Four stars for the fat man hugging people. That last star is because I read the "Obese" tag as "Obama" and thought "Holy shit, this video would've been amazing."

"Reports say you're having an affair with a bear. Comments?"
"Last week, I, uhh, hugged a large man in skimpy clothes. He, uhh, offered it to me, uhh, free. I felt it was important that I, uhh, take advantage of this, uhh, offer."
This is a man at peace with the world.
I would hug the hell out of this man, it'd be cooler than the time I got my leg grinded on by a hard gay impersonator. I think he liked me!
The McK
The breeding program has been a success. America now has its own Brian Blessed.

Lauritz Melchior
Hey! I think that that's my friend Chris. Hi Chris!
Freeman Gordon
-1 for not sweating
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