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Desc:Examples of forced-perspective animation. Before the advent of CGI.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:3D, Popeye, Rotograph
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Comment count is 14
I've seen photos of the set up for this, it's pretty mind-blowing. Unfortunately, it kind of of comes at the expense of story telling, as every couple of minutes, it's "NOW THEY WALK A LONG WAY IN ONE DIRECTION".
Yeah it's a bit too much, rotograph is to the 1920s like FMV was to the 1990s.
Nice nevertheless

I'm strong to the end of it, 'cause I forced-perspective it, I'm Popeye the sailor rotograph.
Syd Midnight
Toot toot!

Always my favorite episodes of Popeye. I'd even prefer this over most CGI these days.
Syd Midnight
How the hell'd they do that? I wonder to what degree this made it so scary as a kid (not as scary as the goddamn Goons though). This should be in a museum, it's that gorgeous. Such a work of art.

I think I had nightmares for years over that Roc.

Syd Midnight
Holy heck, that's awesome.

Very beautiful. But the best part of any Popeye cartoon has always been his crotchety mumbling. "I would make a sandwich if I only had a witch."

Absolute genius.
"Something is definitely wrong.

I'm right, it's wrong!"

Popeye was always my favorite.

The best is that most of his dialogue was ad-libbed by Jack Mercer, especially the witty asides.

I think I've commented on this before, but the alternate dimension where Fleischer rules American animation instead of Disney would be really awesome to live in. Fleischerland would have been basically Yellowstone National Park with Popeye installations every few hundred yards.
We had this cartoon on a tape that included "Little Black Sambo", Daffy Duck torturing Japs, and "Lazy Town" (guess what color those folks were). I guess my point is, kids these days may have CGI, but they are missing out on a hell of a lot.
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