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johnnyhamhock - 2006-07-09

Holy crap the scritching

love - 2006-07-09

make sure to keep your teddies under lock and key.

garcet71283 - 2006-07-09

We shouldve just let Germany conquer England. Although then we'd be stuck with schieze films...

FABIO2 - 2007-10-01

Actually, poop porn springs up as a result of LOSING a world war (see Japan), so we'd have been spared schieze if Germany won.

LadyStalker - 2006-07-09

Thanks a lot, BBC. Now I'm cowering in terror.

Adramelech - 2006-07-09

Even the YouTube comments page is hilarious.

xenocide - 2006-07-10

My God that was almost physically painful.

Xiphias - 2006-07-10

british furries are less fat than american ones I guess

PrincessPeachesUnderpants - 2006-07-10

...wha... ?

blinko - 2006-07-25

how much do you hate yourself when your alter-ego is a skunk? why not a possum?

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