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Desc:Of course there's a...wait, there was a cartoon? What?
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:80s, bill and ted, of course theres a cartoon, Horrible cartoon infinity
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 15
Caminante Nocturno
George Carlin just pops into their garage and snatches them without any explanation. And they're fine with that, because they're Bill & Ted.
Any reasonable person would be fine with it. Because he's George Carlin.

Captain Ahab's insanity was born the day he saw that flying phone booth.
Great googly moogly, I actually remember watching this peice of crap. This is actually the second season; in the first season, Ted's eyes had no whites. The first season was handled by Hanna-Barbera and the second season was handled by DiC...I dunno why, either.
So their time machine takes them through books and movies as well as through time? What do Sherlock Holmes and Captain Ahab have to do with time travel?
You're exactly right, in the second season the time machine can go into literature somehow. I guess they ran out of history.

No, see, they're fictional, so of course all other works of fiction are in their canon. I mean, their history.


OH MAN! Bill & Ted destroyed the art! hahah man
Rodents of Unusual Size
I like how Rufus knows they're talking about the Mona Lisa by the description "it's someone sitting down".

There was a breakfast cereal

based on the cartoon.
Venture Brothers completely plagiarized this episode in this last season. That's really disgusting. I expected better of you, Venture Brothers.

I like the Trojan Horse just sittin' out there on the lawn.
I used to watch this show.

Man I'm old.
Helena Handbasket
The "fragile" sign over the Venus' boobs makes this for me.
FINALLY!!! I've had this fucking song stuck in my head since like...98 :C. You've released me from the pain of singing this at work.
The Mothership
Good lord...
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