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Desc:Sacrificing Stopping Power for Magazine Capacity: A Cautionary Tale
Category:Classic Movies, Pets & Animals
Tags:vore, Cobra, Komodo, the black guy dies
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"What the hell am I supposed to--"

"Use it!"

"-- OoooOooh--"
Killer Joe
I think I've seen this one. If so, then the boat captain, or 'hero', wears a tight t-shirt to accentuate his gut.
This has to be some sort of fetish video. Maybe a guy with a gut is part of it just like random white dudes uselessly shooting at giant animals who eat people.

Perfectly apt description. I counted just shy of fifty gunshots fired by one gun in the scene with the snake.
Do they realize that bullets can travel large distances making it possible for you to not stand directly next to your target?
You'd think that the guns would be more effective considering they NEVER RUN OUT OF BULLETS.
Syd Midnight
I think it would be classy if one of the guys ran out of ammo, and threw his gun at the monster. If I ever run out of ammo, I'm throwing the gun.
Well, go get it!

These redband trailers aren't very good.
Caminante Nocturno
Those guns only have unlimited ammunition if you're less than ten feet away from your target.
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