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Desc:A different take on Toy Story
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:horror, Trailer, Spoof, Sid, toy story
Submitted:Geoff Marr
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Comment count is 15
Recut trailers fall into two categories: very well done or utter crap. This is clearly the former
Dinkin Flicka
Drawing too much on the part where the fact that toys are alive is actually supposed to be horrifying for poor Sid
It's to Pixar's credit that this doesn't work as well as it should. They made the characters faces emotive enough to where even skillful sequence editing can't make them truly menacing in an even an uncanny-valley way. The added music and sounds tried too hard to compensate for this.
totally agreed. i really wanted to like this one, but its just not there.

Not nearly as bad as the comments above suggest.

It does however raise the question of whether Pixar could do an astounding horror movie by exploiting uncanny valley fears. Something like one of the Chucky movies, but well written. They'd have to relabel it as coming from some subsidiary - an experiment like this could damage the brand.

Frank Rizzo
2 things wrong.


2 - Lack of that neighbor kids spooky frankenstein toys. Those things were freaky as hell.
GTFO you troll.

Frank Rizzo
roachbud? is that you?

about 47 seconds longer than necessary.
terrible sound quality, terrible clip choices, terrible trailer all around
Not feeling it. At all.
a flaming monkey
I thought it was pretty good. Needed indian burial ground though.
Operation Cornflakes
Hey, let's make a fake trailer that makes (...) seem like a horror movie!

No, sorry.
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