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Desc:From Ninja Vengeance
Category:Classic Movies, Fashion
Tags:kkk, ACTING!, Ninja Vengeance, Force
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Comment count is 10
You can tell a real ninja by his motorcycle and by the contents of his tote bag.

what's with the books? is he taking a correspondence course?
He's only learning. Like he said. Hence his shaming of his ancestors.

La Loco
We need more ninjas fighting the KKK!!
Rape Van Winkle
No one pushed that klansman into the fire. Did he just feel like being on fire?
Menudo con queso
In the early 80s, tumbling was the key to combat supremacy.
Testicles of Doom
That is the thickest leading "lady" I have ever seen.
I just saw this movie over the weekend on On Demand. This video actually managed to capture the three most distinct highlights:

- Best motorcycle dismount ever
- "We were forced by force to use force."
- Somersaults
I would humbly suggest a fourth in the form of the "just want you to be proud of me"/"be invisible" monologue.

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